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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Angola is a country littered with land mines. People still trip on them and live, without a limb usually.
So this beauty pageant was made to uplift some of the survivors. Survivors indeed, living through a land mine is massive.

I hate beauty pageants a whole lot. I don't like them at all. Besides the fact that I find them horribly boring, The woman who win usually don't seem any type of interesting. The Miss Universe Pageant have turned into an Olympic/world cup type of event, everyone rooting for their country. I still remember how happy I was to find out that Miss Dominican Republic won a few years back. We are a tiny country in this world and winning shit on a world platform just makes me happy.
Besides the fact that the girl who won is like 6'5" and is the niece of my favorite musician, Juan Luis Guerra.

Anyway I heard about this pageant in Angola a few months ago, and didn't pay it much mind because it was still in discussion not in action. Well this morning, on the BBC, I hear about the first Miss Land Mine 2008. Hearing the joy in the Portuguese tongue, of a woman who lost her leg, who wont wear the prosthetic because it is too heavy, who feels beautiful, who should constantly be reminded that she is beautiful.

Con tato, Chevere nice, Te gusto?

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